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Even in a chaotic world peace can be yours! Peace, love, and kindness are fundamental aspects of your life that can be continually enhanced. If that isn’t your normal state of mind, it means that you are out of balance. We can help. When you are ready to live the fulfilling life that you deserve, let me be your guide.


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Over the years, I have been able to provide many life-altering services to our clients. I wish I could say one session would cure all, but I believe our first session is the foundation to your healing. Please message me to schedule your complimentary session. 


All of the services I provide are to bring you true peace and harmony.  I will be able to work with you in a variety of ways that is going to prove to be transformational and inspirational.

Energy Healing

There are many different healing modalities under the energy healing umbrella. I allow your body to tell me what your soul needs or wants. Sometimes I use crystals, other times we talk it out. We might use tools like emotional freedom technique (EFT) or Emotion Code along with energy modalities like Healing Touch, Brennan Healing Science, or Reiki. Any physical, emotional, or mental blocks are going to begin to dissolve and release with the work that we do. Every healing session is customized to what you most need in that moment.


Life Coach

A life coach is going to help you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to maximize your potential and reach your desired results. That might be changes you want in your personal or professional life. If you want to know how to be happy, or how to let go of the past, a life coach is going to help you make some much-needed transformations and transitions. As an Intuitive Energetic Life Coach, I can help you on that deeper spiritual level as well, with insight and inspiration on things like the law of attraction.

Trauma Therapy

When healing trauma or past abuse you want to work with someone with experience. I can tell you that it’s simple, but not easy. There is hope though! Your past does not determine your future, it only influences it. With time and healing work, you can feel more  whole, more YOU.  We customize services in a particular order that helps you unwind these woundings. You will feel stronger, more comfortable in your own skin, and able to live without constant triggers.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating, making it difficult to do normal, everyday life. If not addressed, it can manifest in panic attacks. I know how difficult that can be–I’ve lived it! And I can teach you tools that help in the moment, healing work to clear the excess energy, regaining your sense of grounding and centeredness. 

Sexual Assault Healing

Sexual assault healing can be difficult personal work. How do you know who to trust when your trust has been broken? I’ve been helping clients with this for more than 11 years. Most important is taking the first step with someone you feel safe with, someone that validates your feelings and experiences. If you get triggered by past events like this, call me. I can help.

Remote Healing

Do you live outside of the Cincinnati area? We can still work together! I have clients all over the world. Through zoom or over the phone, help is still available.  Not to mention, we offer online courses, video courses, and e-books that you are going to be able to use at your own pace. Our team is proud to be able to serve you.

“I was looking for a life coach online, and the most reputable life coaching is provided by Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing. I struggle with communication in relationships, and once I was matched up with the proper life coach, I was able to overcome this anxiety. I also discovered a lot of different areas of my life that had emotional wounds. I love my life coach, and I am going to keep my sessions going because I keep unpacking more about myself, and I need their advice to help deal with it all.”

– Sandra G.

“I live in Seattle and I was searching for energy healing near me. Unfortunately, I was unable to find someone who I felt truly aligned with. I started looking for an online life coach, and that is when I found Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing. Who knew that a life coach online could be so remarkable? After the thorough on-boarding process, I was matched with my life coach, and I am never going to try to find another life coach again.”

– Olivia B.

“I have a lot of coronavirus anxiety, so that is why I looked into working with Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing. Sure enough, they were able to provide me with the tools and the skills that I needed to gain coronavirus confidence. They also provided me with impressive tips and tricks to improve my immune system. I adhere to self-quarantine regulations, but my time at home is much easier to cope with, and not to mention, my family is happier as well.”

– Taylor F.

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