Hi, I’m Susan Renee Gibson. I’ve been helping people as an energy healer for more than 11 years. Many people as how I started doing this work. After all, I originally went to school to be a civil engineer, and then owned my own window treatment business for 20 years.


Like other holistic professionals I know, it began with my own healing work. I felt broken, hopeless, and felt I had so many changes I needed to do to be acceptable. I had anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I was abusing alcohol, and I didn’t know why. I started on my healing journey, which led to me seeing an energy healer who helped me get to the root cause of my unhappiness, my dis-ease. I did my work. It wasn’t easy but it has been the best thing I’ve ever done for ME.


So whether you want to bring in more energy, happiness, love and peace, or whether you want to let go of past experiences or traumas, or even begin healing your physical ailments, energy healing can be that first step. By aligning your emotional, mental, and physical energies life can feel easier, more manageable, and happier.   When things seem beyond your control, or if you feel lost or overwhelmed, it is difficult to avoid getting scared or trapped in an unproductive circle. Here at Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing, we can help you make those shifts that can get you out of those loops. We know that when it comes to healing your mind and body that you need to be made a priority, and we know it is important to feel taken care of.  Our team is here to support you throughout this journey.


Whether you need help recovering from work burnout, or whether you need to rekindle the love with your partner, our team is here to support you. We know you have the strength to succeed, and we are here to give you the tools with the system that you already have. 


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