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Radical Gratitude

December, 2014

The idea of “Radical” Gratitude has been rolling around in my head since before Thanksgiving. This is the time of year, from Thanksgiving to the start of the New Year, when many of us ponder the year and the many gifts that it brought us while looking towards the future and what we want to happen for us to be happy. New job, new relationship, better relationship, more money, more time, more in general. The funny thing is, if we are not grateful for what we already have, how can we be grateful for what comes our way? Here’s the radical part–I’m not only talking about all the “good” stuff, I’m talking about the “bad” stuff too.

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Making decisions…why is it so difficult at times?

October 18, 2014

How do you know when to give up and move on, or just hold on a little longer and wait for things to turn the corner?

Making decisions–why is it so difficult? In many ways I live in the black and white or at least I have in the past. Good/bad, black/white, right/wrong. Boy, that certainly makes choices easier, doesn’t it? If it is not all this, then it is that…and the guillotine comes down as the decision is made. I equate it to math, if it is not right it is wrong.

More recently I have been living in the different shades of gray, and boy there are a lot of them! LOL. Living that way has both good and bad points. In the area of decisions it makes it more difficult because nothing seems clear. Something is good, but is it good enough? Am I making a choice too quickly? Could it be so much better tomorrow? If I make the decision today, I will never know! It makes my head spin at times.This comes up frequently with relationships, romantic in general. But it is not the only place it comes up–friendships, career, job, parenting, exercise, car buying (or large purchases in general), etc.

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Authentic vs. Appropriate

September 2014

Each day, each moment of my life I have to choose…will I be authentic in who I am, or will I be appropriate?

What exactly do I mean by appropriate?  To be appropriate means to show people what I want them to see, presenting only the most pleasing side of me–in other words, my masked self.

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