Energy Healing

When it comes to energy healing in Cincinnati, you are going to want to come to our healing space. We work to balance and integrate mind, body and spirit together as one.  This attunes you with your higher self, your soul, your spirit. We use methods and techniques that are grounded in nature and aligned with your spirit.





Clients typically report an elevated state of being following a session. This means that you are going to feel lighter, more peaceful, relaxed, have increased clarity and creativity. You will feel more centered and aligned with your true nature. You may feel more energized. Energy healing, especially when combined with coaching and the many tools we offer, can help you shift the things in your life that are creating dis-ease, discomfort, and pain. All of those occur when you are out of balance. As we continue to work together, each healing builds upon the other to help you make the long-lasting changes you’re looking to make. You are going to be able to tread lighter through life.




Energy Healing  

Who you choose as an energy healer/life coach is important. Interview them as you would any other healing professional. You should feel safe and comfortable with them so you can be open and vulnerable (in a good way). They should have extensive training. If they haven’t done their own work, how can they be there for you when you are doing yours? Ask how long they have been doing the work.

If you need energy healing (similar to reiki) services, I have been highly trained for this sort of alignment. All Brennan healers undergo more than 2500 hours of training and I am certified with a BS in Brennan Healing Science. What does that mean for you?  Transformation. Each healing is individualized as to the clients needs.
































































































































































































































































We use a wide variety of complimentary therapies, including touch therapy, sound therapy and aromatherapy. We know that all of these different elements contribute to the work that you want done. We also know that we are going to be able to leave you feeling a new level of harmony with life.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Calming Rooms
































































































































































































































































The space in which energy healing is done is crucial for the success of the session. We are going to be able to conduct energy cleansing sessions before your actual energy healing session. The energy healers are also going to be able to have the lights dimmed so you are going to be able to fully relax. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The healers here at Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing have devoted their life practice to energy attunement for the community. We are going to treat you as our kin, and all the while, we are going to provide you with professionalism and care that is unmatched in the healing market. Our healers are going to help strengthen your personal alignment, and we are going to be able to infuse your life force with a level of love and spirituality that you have never had before.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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