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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “chakra”?

In Sanskrit, “chakra” means wheel of light. Chakras act like energy transformers, either stepping up or stepping down energy and flows in a circular direction. The seven main chakras are located on the top of the head (7), middle of the forehead (6), throat (5), heart (4), solar plexus (3), lower belly (2) and between the legs (1). There are also numerous smaller chakras located all over the body including the joints, organs, hands and bottoms of the feet.

When functioning optimally, they nourish the body with energy. When functioning in a less than optimal manner, there can be a sense of fatigue or struggle.

How does long distance healing work?

Sometimes it is not possible to receive a session in person, so I can work with you from a distance. The basic components of a healing are energy, intention, and connection. These components are the same whether I am physically with you or not.

If you have never had distance work it might not make any sense…and I understand that is not an easy concept to get. Everything within the framework of our physical world has to be done in person. But we are more than our physical bodies–we have an energetic body and a Spirit as well. All three are wrapped into one. Where I work is more with spirit and energy, so it doesn’t require your physical presence. Spirit and energy are not bound by physical world restrictions of time, space, and dimension so they can be anywhere at anytime. Distance healing is more convenient for the recipient and can be considered more advantageous and more effective than in-person sessions when you take away all the distractions and factors that could adversely impact your ability to be healed and feel healed.

The science of it:
Physicists have shown that not only can a particle be in two places at once, but that particle can also communicate between those two places. So I energetically connect with you and work as if you were physically present. By using harmonic induction and healing responses I work with your field to promote healing and well-being.

The practical part: The session
At the appointed time I will call and talk with you about what is going on in your life.  I will have you lie down on your bed or couch and relax and I will connect with you energetically to proceed with the healing. If you fall sleep during that time it is ok! When the healing is complete, I will call you back and we can share anything that came up during that time.

Will I have to discontinue any other type of treatment?

No. Energy work is intended to be used in conjunction with other modalities. I do not diagnose physical or mental illness or prescribe medicine. It is important to consult with the other health care providers on your healing team before making any decisions to discontinue their services or change any medications you may be taking.

What is disease (or dis-ease)?

All disease processes start in the energy field. The field is capable of being distorted, blocked, stagnated, torn and burned, from either physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual traumas. These distortions can stop or impede the flow of healthy vibrant energy in the field.

At the point where less universal energy is able to enter the human energy field (a less than optimally functioning chakra), the physical body becomes ‘under-nourished’. If this continues over time, the body could continue to weaken in that area and create a dis-ease. Emotional and psychological issues relating to organs and body areas also become important. For instance, the liver processes toxins from the body. Anger and rage are toxic to our being, and on a physical level, the liver also processes the anger and rage. If the client leaves these issues unresolved eventually there could very well be liver problems.

Creating dis-ease in our bodies is ultimately about forgetting who you truly are. Important questions to ask yourself are ‘how have I forgotten who I am’ and ‘how does this pain serve me?’


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