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Healing the Disease to Please Group Program

If you find it difficult to say no to other people, you’re probably saying no to yourself.
Every energy attracts a complimentary energy. In this case, you will attract people who are all about themselves (narcissists).
Have you found this to be the case? Want to make a shift? The first step is becoming aware.
Why do you try so hard to make other people happy? What are the energetic components of this?
How do you start saying yes more to you, and putting boundaries in place?

What would this mean for the quality of your life?


Healing from Sexual Assault Group Program

Survivors of Sexual Assault are some of the strongest and most courageous people I know. You know how to hold it all together and push forward with live. To do that, you have to tuck that experience away in a nice little box and put it on a shelf. Sometimes you can even forget that it ever happened! You get busy just doing life.

But what happens when you stop? When you have time to think or feel? Does anxiety set in? Do you reach for one of the many coping strategies that you’ve learned?

How are your relationships? Are they everything you ever wanted?

Did you know that this all could be related to the sexual assault? I can show you how to heal this wounding once and for all.


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