Energy Healing

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Healing Session Tips

Prior to the healing

Spend some time prior to the healing to think about what it is you want to bring to the session, and what you would like to work on or work with. With that knowledge, set an intention for the healing. It helps you to align and deepen the process. This could be something like: “I want to feel my emotions”, or “I want to know why I’m so angry”, or “I want to know why I’m so unhappy even though I have a great life”, or “I’d like to heal my relationship with my spouse”, or “I’m in so much physical pain, I want to heal it”, or “I want to more fully understand my purpose in life.” If you have difficulty formulating an intention, stay present with ‘not knowing’ and I can help you. No matter what, you will receive what is perfect for that particular healing even if you don’t know what that is consciously.

During the healing

Dress for your comfort. Cotton or all natural fabrics are best. I do have blankets if you get chilled. You will remove your shoes for the healing, so bring socks if your feet get cold. Be sure to switch off your phone so it does not disturb you (or leave it in the car). Above all, just allow yourself to receive and open yourself to the experience.

After the healing—Self Care

The releases that happen during a healing generally are very gentle and pass through your system with ease and without notice. Occasionally, they can be more noticeable or uncomfortable as they work their way through. This is because you are challenging old ways of being, and releasing toxins. Sleep patterns may temporarily change, or you may have physical symptoms that mimic illness. Please let me know if this happens to you. If it is severe or continues, I would also want you to follow up with your health care professional to make sure that it was not something else.

If at all possible, allow yourself time afterwards to just “be” without having to jump into “doing” mode. Drinking water afterwards is great to flush out any toxins that may have been released (same as if you had a massage). It is best not to strenuously work out or drink alcohol within 12-24 hours. Allow yourself some extra time to rest—you may be tired. Personally I tend to sleep after a big process; it allows me to let go and integrate effortlessly. Follow the impulses of your own body.

Give yourself the gift of time to do what you love. Be in your essence! Creativity tends to flow more easily after your session. Meditation is also good. Above all listen to your intuition and the wisdom of your body.

If you experience anything unusual after a healing, please feel free to call or text me. If I can not answer right away I will do so shortly.


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