Healing Sexual Assault

“I just want to go back to who I was before! It’s not fair that he gets to go on living his happy life as if nothing has happened, and for me everything has changed!”

A survivor


I help women go from surviving to thriving after a sexual assault. 1 in 3 women will be victimized this way sometime in their life. I believe that number to be higher, because many women never report their assault. What’s worse, 95% of the survivors I have met have been assaulted multiple times.

Too many women suffer alone in silence. Even years later, they think everything is fine because they buried it and got really good at pretending it never happened. But in the same way a beach ball requires a lot to keep in under water, bad feelings and traumatic memories being stuffed down and ignored can rob us of significant time and energy. And here is the thing–eventually it will all pop up, just like that ball, to get their attention so they have an opportunity to heal it.

These violent acts change the way survivors act, think, and make choices.  It completely changes the quality of their life, relationships, and their actions. In reality the assault is like a virus that invades a computer, constantly running in the background, and it can show up in their life as anger, depression, anxiety, drinking or eating too much, weight gain, panic attacks, and/or sex that is disconnected or just plain blah. Survivors learn to numb themselves in different ways. The problem is that when someone numbs the bad stuff, they numb the good stuff too! Does any of this sound familiar? Have you numbed out to life?

If this was a recent event for you, I hope you do not suffer for years before you find the support you need. If it happened long ago, I am so sorry that you have had to live with this for so long. Either way, isn’t suffering for any amount of time too long?!? Where do you go from here? Who can you trust to support you?  Are you ready to remember what “happy” looks like, knowing that at the end this assault will no longer be the lens you view life through? I would like to support you as you begin this healing journey. First I will help you gain stability and address pressing symptoms. Then, as we peel off that overlay of assault,  you will begin to remember who you are at the core, recognizing how strong and courageous you are just to have gotten to this point. You will learn to love yourself and others more deeply and more authentically.

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