Sexual Assault Healing

Healing trauma and obtaining an antidote to anxiety can be difficult, and when sexual assault is intermixed with the trauma and anxiety, it can be even more challenging to grasp your bearings. When you are ready to overcome the horrors of your past, the team here is ready to serve you. We honor your spirit, and we also honor the fact that you need guidance and assistance. Through all of this, we are going to have your back, and we are going to empower you to have the ability to heal.


Crying therapy is a powerful tool that we celebrate here at Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing frequently turns to when sexual assault clients come to us. We understand that the ability to cry, especially in front of other people, can be difficult. If you are not ready to cry, we are never going to force it. However, we ensure that we always provide a safe space for our clients. Whenever the tears start to flow, you are going to be adequately cared for, and we are also going to have a box of tissues there for you and ready to go.


If you have an abundance of fears in relation to the sexual assault traumas of your past, we are going to be able to help minimize and then overcome those fears. We know that dealing with these memories can be challenging and heartbreaking. However, our team is highly trained, and we are going to be able to provide you with baby steps in how you are going to be able to improve and minimize your fears. Living in fear is no way to live. As such, we are going to help you improve your outlook on life, step by step, with caring and genuine services.


If you are struggling with communication in relations, or if intimacy in your relationship is an issue due to past sexual assault events, we are here to help. Whether you want one-on-one help, or whether you want to have group sessions, we have services that can help. Sexual assault is a traumatic and life-impacting experience. Sometimes, it can take decades to overcome. Our team is devoted to helping you feel better with each and every session. When you are through working with us, your relationship is going to be the positively affected.

Certified Professionals

We believe that helping people shift their lives is a calling, and we are certified professionals here at Your Place for Peace and Energy Healing.  As a Brennan healer with more than 2500 hours of training, it’s my mission to make the world a better place, one client at a time. Because when you are empowered to make changes in your life, it positively affects the people around you, and that ripples out into the community as well.

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