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The work you do is amazing and I loved the space you hold and your compassion! Thank you so much for all you do and all you have been through. You are an amazing healer and gifted intuitive and I hope to do some more work with you soon.


I met Susan over five years ago on a flight from Miami to Cincinnati. I was there on business and Susan was heading home from school.  She and I hit it off as soon as we started a conversation. I was intrigued to discover that she was going to school for healing. She and I kept our friendship going and we would get together as much as we could. In March of 2013 my mother had sharp, dull pains on the top and back of her head. I took my mother to several doctors and they ran so many test and nothing came out conclusive. I was so worried for her and with good reason she was declining. She was hospitalized in October of 2013 and diagnosed with 4th stage Lymphoma Brain Cancer.  She was at many clinics (such as Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic) just for a diagnosis. Now with 4th stage cancer it looked  bleak.  The doctors said they would start chemotherapy right away. She did well and things started looking somewhat better, but not much. My mother was in the hospital for six months. Susan came to the hospital and to my mother’s rehab facility. She did healings on my mother and after the healings things seemed to get better. I was in the room for the healings and it was amazing the caring and love Susan has with her patients. I literally could feel the hand of God working in the room when she was there. My mother did pass away in August of 2015. I do believe that Susan contributed to my mother staying with us as long as she did. If I could say one thing, God puts us in places for a reason. My reason was getting on that plane and meeting an angel that God had sent for our family! I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Karen Kontout

Susan is powerful intuitive healer. She helped me see where I wasnt loving myself, and supported me to in taking back my power to heal my body and mind. Her compassionate heart presence and intuitive insights were spot on.

Sophie M.

I feel like I have found someone that can help me understand my feelings and help me heal.


As a therapist and life coach, my passion is to help my clients process pain and understand how to become free through loving/forgiving themselves, and ultimately becoming the best version of themselves!  I have always been curious about energy healing and decided to try it when I met Susan because I instantly sensed an energy of love and hope!  Susan combines professionalism with world-class skill and sensitivity to create genuine results.  In her sessions, I’ve experienced good listening and deep understanding.  Susan is somehow able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to make it different.  She is able to hold a space of such unconditional acceptance and intrinsic wholeness that healing occurs at the deepest of levels for her clients.  I have personally experienced healing and forgiveness in several important relationships, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Cindy Jesse, LISW



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