Energy Healing

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What to Expect

What can you expect at your first healing session? We will begin with the intake form. Please fill this out before your appointment. During our conversation I will ask you questions about your health history, family and childhood history, belief systems and attitudes, life stressors, exercise/diet/nutrition, dreams and longings, and relationships. From this information a session will be tailored to your needs.

I am not a doctor, so I do not diagnose physical or mental illness or prescribe drugs, but it is important for me to know all this information to optimally help you. If you have any concerns (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) that you feel hesitant about sharing, please know that all of you is welcome here. As suppressed emotions, faulty belief systems, or blocked energy is uncovered you will discover deeper understandings of what has been happening and contributing to your symptoms. Together we will set mutual healing goals. Please feel free to ask any questions you have.

Your intention for healing is an important facet of the healing process. You will hear me talk about intention, because where your intention is, your attention and focus will be. Think of it as focusing a laser on the target of what you want. Becoming clear on what you want from the session and your healing journey is imperative.

The Healing

After talking you will lie down on a massage table fully clothed. I will assess your chakras and energy field. I will work to clear energetic blocks to increase the flow within your system, charge and balance your entire energy field and chakras. In my work I do hands-on healing with a very light touch. Sometimes the work is done above your body.

Ultimately you are in charge of your healing. Your willingness and receptiveness play an important role in your session and healing.

Each person’s experience during the session is unique and will differ. You may feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. In fact, you may fall asleep. You may feel physical sensations such as tingling, vibration, or change in temperature. You may also experience a release of emotions like anger or sadness, or feel like crying. You may have a word, color or a picture pop into your head. All of this is very normal. I encourage you to share anything that comes up.

There is nothing to “do” but just to receive. You may need to stay on the table for a few minutes after the healing before getting up to feel fully present again. It’s important not to rush this process. If you feel dizzy or “out of it”, please let me know.

Initial sessions may last up to ninety minutes, with subsequent sessions lasting one hour. After the session is complete, we may spend a short amount time talking about the session. It is to keep this conversation to a minimum so that you can fully integrate the healing. Questions may be asked at a later time or at the next session. It takes some time to integrate a healing. It is not uncommon to have vivid dreams the evening of the healing or to have “ah-ha” moments in days following a healing. The full effects can take up to two weeks.


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