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Workshops and Events

Event: Setting Intentions for 2018 and for LIFE

January 13, 2018, from 12pm-3pm

A workshop combining a vision board with numerology in setting intentions.

Are you happy where your life is right now in this moment? If you’re like most people, there are areas in your life that could use some tweaking, or even an entire overhaul. What are you wanting to bring forth or release in your life this year? Resolutions can set us up for failure. Instead, I work with intention and numerology, and vision boards are a great way to manifest those.
In this guided workshop you will:

  • *Connect deeply with your inner knowing
  • *Gain clarity
  • *Learn your life path number and what that means for you
  • *Align with your soul choices
  • *Create a visual representation of those intentions
  • *Ground all of this into reality

Price ($67) includes everything you need to make your vision board.

Shifting People-Pleaser Energy in Relationships 3 day webinar series

January 24-26th, from 7:00pm-8:15pm EST each night
Are you attracting narcissists into your life and wonder why?
Do you give and give and get nothing in return?
This Webinar-based event looks at why we try to please others, putting them ahead of ourselves. Often we think we are just being kind, but is that really it? When we carry that energy, we naturally will attract a person with a narcissistic energy.
This webinar delves into the origin of these energies individually and together, why they attract each other, and how we can change it. You’ll receive templates to download and follow along with.
This webinar is a 3 day event, from 7-8:15 on January 24-26. Tickets are just $67 for the series.


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